Backup and Archiving

Google Apps Vault is archiving and ediscovery solutions by Google for Google Apps/Google for Work. It enables businesses to automatically take and manage data archiving, searching and exporting of your organization’s Google Apps data in realtime. Google Vault is completely web based solution so there is no requirement to manage any software and hardware on-premise. Google Apps Vault provides the following eDiscovery services:

Email Archiving:

Set retention rules to control how long email messages and on-the-record chats are retained before they are removed from user mailboxes and deleted from Google systems

  • Add archiving and eDiscovery to Google Apps : Maintain, preserve, search and export your organization email and other records chat.
  • Legal Holds : Place legal holds on users to protect all their emails and on-the-record chats indefinitely in order to meet legal or other maintenance obligations you can place legal holds on all content in a user’s account.
  • Easily Email Search : you can easily search your domain email and on the record chats by users account.
  • Drive File Search : Search your domain Google drive account date and keywords.
  • Exporting to standard formats : you can Export messages through search to standard for any account.

Google for Work and Office 365 Backup

  • Google for Work and Office 365 backup solution protects your Google Apps data by safe, usual and daily backup. You will be capable to search and restore files with advance administrative features. If your business depends on Google Apps for work then your information should confide our highly trusted and secure cloud backup solution.
  • Securely backup your data : You can simply view of a complete audit log of all accounts activity in a significant way. Protect your data with powerful security features.
  • Easily Search for Backups : Zero in on emails, calendar, contacts and site files simply with robust search filters. You can easily access backups for both your sandbox and production situation.
  • Easily reinstate Data : you can easily files and folders without any trouble or download instantly.

(MyBackup) OnPremise Google Apps and Office 365 Backup

MyBackup is the major confidential software for data backup and recovery solution. With enterprise position, robust backup and recovery it protects all of your organizations Google data from costly disasters. Gmail will be automatically backed up daily to your OnPremise server facility. Managing OnPremise backup and archiving server incurs one time setup and installation cost and small maintenance or operational fee.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the top Backup and Recovery Solution


  • It’s Powerful : MyBackup the finest tuned key on the market, giving you greater control of your data.
  • It’s insightful : MyBackup is simple to utilize that end users can restore their own data.
  • Secure : With industry leading security credentials

(MailBackUp) OnPremise Backup & Archiving

On-Premise archiving and backup solution is configured on your in-house linux based server. Once configured, all mails (incoming and outgoing) is archived on your server maintaining users specific location/folder. Archived mails can be directly fetched back to mailbox when required.


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