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g suite partner in india
g suite partner in india

Google is not just a search companies, it definitely started as one but over time Google has successfully expanded its operations into almost all technology-related business fields. One of the major developments has been Google’s Cloud Platform. A huge number of large and small companies use the “G-Suite for business” to efficiently manage their business and resources using Google’s cloud computing.

This unprecedented growth gave birth to a new requirement for Google. The requirement for apps resellers who could further their product in the market and also provide additional services to the customers. This led to the birth of the G suite Reseller in UK. And over time this program spread around different parts of the world including the United Kingdom.


Google Apps or G Suite Reseller in UK

The company needed partners in the UK who could provide services like customer assistance and maintain billing. The reason for it was mainly that Google wanted to increase its reach in the British market and also because managing the system for such a large number of users were becoming quite a task for Google. These partners are the “google app resellers” and their job is to:

  • Sell Google products for business, government, and education in the market to client companies
  • Provide hassle-free transition services to organizations switching to google
  • Give training to the company’s employees in operation of the G-suite
  • Provide customers with services like on-call support and on-site assistance
  • Build and maintain beneficial relationships with customers


Because of the program, it is now very convenient and cost-effective for a lot of private and corporate customers to purchase, learn and set-up the Google Suite platform for their use. Techbliss Solution has partnered with leading Google App resellers in the UK to ensure that all British customers have a hassle-free transition experience.


Techbliss Solutions Expert in Cloud Technology

One of our partners is “Cloud Technology Solutions”. They are a premier company providing Google Apps solutions. They deliver the complete range of Google Apps services and their own innovative software products.

Another of our partners who are Google App Reseller in the UK is “”. They also provide corporate-specific services such as employee training and free installation so that more and more companies can swiftly shift to the Google Apps platform in the UK.

As a customer, if you are still wondering why Google apps are for you? Or why you should go with a reseller while buying your G-Suite subscription, to aid your decision following are the most promising features of Google Apps for business are:

  • All members get a personalized email address, eg
  • Free Dropbox storage for all employees
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Admin Console for employers
  • Security features (Vault etc)

By now you must have understood the great features and functionalities of The Google Cloud Platform for your business or domestic use. Go buy your subscription from a reseller in the UK today!!

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