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digital marketing services and training's by techbliss solution
digital marketing services and training's by techbliss solution

With every era the mode of consumption of information has evolved and hand-in-hand with it, the mode of advertising has evolved too. The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable inventions of the 20th century. It has a fast-growing user base and the millennial generation spends a large amount of their time online and on social media platforms. Digital marketing services and training’s by Techbliss Solutions and 6oam which is a venture of Techbliss solutions has been recognized by marketing firms in the sense that more and more of them are adopting the online mode of marketing, or Digital Marketing as we call it.


Especially in India digital marketing is quickly becoming a very exciting field to work in mainly because even at the low level of internet penetration that we have now we have 46 Crore internet users and this statistic will only increase as digitization drive continues. So for the digital marketing agencies in India, it’s a great time to invest, expand and plan for the future because the future will undoubtedly be bright.

Also, we can see the change in affinity of people towards online modes of commerce, for example, 5-10 years ago we were very skeptical about online shopping. We could never imagine ourselves purchasing our clothes, food, furniture etc online. But now the situation is completely different especially with people in big cities who are ordering groceries and repair services online. This tectonic shift is pretty great for the digital marketing agencies because now their campaigns can focus on people who already buy stuff online.

Digital Marketing Services and Training’s Vs Traditional Marketing Services and Training’s

The main reasons why digital marketing is so much better for you as an advertiser as opposed to traditional means are :

  • Specific customer reach i.e. target specific audience can be selected.
  • Much less investment as compared to parallel methods of advertising.
  • Makes good utilization of social media and search engines.


As a digital marketing agency, the future of this is very promising because more and more people have started using the internet over the past 5 years and there is a huge bump in the number of online potential customers. Everyone can be a customer and it’s just a click away so it’s best to put your product in as many places as you can online.


The agencies that offer this tedious job of Digital Marketing for you, will cover every aspect of digital marketing from social media optimisation to marketing logistics. In the end, I would conclude by saying that digital marketing is way better and streamlined than newspaper/television marketing. And because we know smartphones aren’t going away anytime soon, we should take a cue from the digital marketing agencies and start investing in the future of digital marketing.

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