The Education Revolution : G-Suite Apps For Education

Many people believe that the productivity apps made by companies like Google are mainly for the big business and their sole purpose is revenue making for the company. Google has changed that notion ever since it announced the Google Suite. The Google Apps For Education (GAFE) is the set of Google’s work apps: Docs, Sheets and Slides which now have features that allow them not only to be an invaluable addition to any workplace but also seamlessly integrate into the teaching-learning process. Because of its shareability, ease of use and highly collaborative nature the G-Suite has become an invaluable addition to the education sector.


In foreign countries like Netherlands and Sweden, teachers and students alike have warmly embraced the concept of using Chromebooks in schools for imparting and receiving education. And even without the Google device, the usage of the G-Suite apps has been increasing phenomenally among students. Be it middle school students or college-goers, everyone acknowledges the huge jump in productivity and efficient use of time that occurs after they empower the students and teachers with apps that are extremely capable and handy.


Google has constantly been working on the apps in the G-Suite to make them more time efficient and better suited for the school environment. Some of the futuristic features that have been added to the G-Suite just so that our young ones can learn better are:

  • Collaborating on projects and submitting to the teachers is extremely easy because of seamless sharing capabilities
  • Using artificial intelligence to work out patterns of work so that students and teachers have to worry only about learning and teaching
  • The cost of Chromebooks is consciously kept low, even after that a lot of student offers are put in place to ensure that availability is never a hindering factor


Worldwide more than 20 million teachers and students are using Chromebooks and Google Classroom, and more than 70 million are using G Suite for Education. There is a global revolution that has been going on to ensure that our kids get the best education in the best possible way, and are ready for the future. This is about weaving technology into everything we do. Education technology is a tool, not a strategy.


We live in a world where technology is everywhere. We are so surrounded by devices and machines that it would be really hard to imagine a field that would function without these. Yet, in India, the education field largely stays away from integrating technology into the classroom. Seeing the world as an example and using the great software in the form of G-Suite Apps for Education it’s now time that we start scripting a new era for our education system.

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